Unique Ramadan Traditions from Around the World

Unique Ramadan Traditions from Around the World

Islam is considered one of the most popular religions worldwide, with several believers that exceed 1.6 billion followers. One of the most iconic months in Islam is the holy month of Ramadan, when millions of Muslims across the nations fast for 30 days straight. However, some traditions differ from a country to another.

In this blog, you will discover the unique Ramadan traditions that have stood the test of time.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia has many traditions when it comes to Ramadan; the most popular one is the “Padusan.” It is the act of bathing and cleansing in some natural springs to prepare the body and soul for the holy month.

Another tradition is that with the announcement of the sighting of the crescent of the holy month, students in Indonesia automatically prepare for the vacation that coincides with the first week of Ramadan. The Indonesians are also keen to knock on what is known as the “Boudouq” or traditional drums as a way to celebrate the month.

2. Thailand

One of the strangest habits in Thailand throughout Ramadan is that the food that the wives cook is forbidden for their husbands, but it is sent to someone else to eat it. That’s why most of the days, they all gather to eat breakfast in the yard collectively.

3. Pakistan

In Pakistan, when a child fasts for the first time, they treat him as if he is a groom on his wedding day. They bring out drums and tambourines, dress him in new clothes similar to those they marry in, cover his head with a golden cover to decorate it, and then start the celebrations.

4. The United Arab Emirates

Emiratis do some sort of trick or treating tradition about two weeks before Ramadan called “Haq Laila.” kids will pass by several houses in the neighborhood to ask for sweets and nuts called “Kharyta.”

5. Bangladesh and India

The last night of the holy month is called “Chaand Raat,” which is translated to the night of the moon; these countries come alive with celebrations and festivities. As per the traditions, friends and families celebrate by swapping desserts and sweets. It is also not unusual to see girls and women flocking their jewelry and applying henna on their hands.

6. Chechnya

One of the unique Ramadan traditions in Chechnya is that they have special names for children who are born throughout this holy month. If it was a boy, he will be named “Ramadan,” and if it was a girl, she will be named “Marha.”

7. Egypt

Another exhilarating Ramadan tradition is the beautifully colored Ramadan “Fanous” or lanterns. These metal and glass lanterns became a Ramadan symbol in Egypt. They come in many shapes and sizes and are spread in every street to be evidence of the holy month.


These are only a few unique Ramadan traditions from around the globe; there are lots and lots more. If you know any, make sure to put it in the comments section below.


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