Tips for Running Facebook Ads & Best Ways for Targeting Your Audience

The process of creating professional and attractive Facebook ads is not easy. Sometimes, you may create an ad with a specific budget and try to use many different methods to target the audience, or try to use many different images and texts in the hope that you will get the desired interaction with the ad and achieve the desired profit, but for some reason, you are not able to achieve the goal you want.

What is the reason you may ask? The problem may be in the strategy you follow, or the problem may be small and related to some details of the ad, but these details may greatly affect people’s interaction and interest.

In this article, we will offer you some tips and tricks that you should follow to create an ideal Facebook ad, as they will greatly help you improve your outcome, make your ad more professional, ideal and attractive to viewers.

We have divided these tips into 3 sections. The first section talks about how to create an ad in general in addition to teaching you the right way of targeting the ideal audience. The second section talks about important practical steps for writing your copy and make it more alluring to readers. As for the third section, we’ll talk about some advice related to the ad design. So, let’s get started!

Ad Creation and Targeting Tips:

1. Use Facebook Targeting the Right Way to Reach the Right Audience

There is a rule that says: If you are targeting everyone, you are targeting no one!

In order to reach the right audience, you should have a very clear idea about who you are and who do you want to target. Why does your business exist? What is the problem you are trying to solve? Who are your ideal customers? What are their interests? Where do they live? Are they teens or adults? Males or females? etc…

That is because you cannot post valuable and engaging content until you know exactly who is viewing that content.

Once you can answer all those questions, you can then start using Facebook’s targeting tools the right way while you are creating your ad. When you are creating an ad, you will see a list of targeting options that you can tweak to reach your audience, based on their gender, age, location, interests, and many other criteria.

2. Write Different Ads for Different Audience

Your ideal fans and customers are clearly not the same. You may have many types of audiences that you should target based on their personalities, gender, age, and more.

For example, if you are running a clothing store, and you sell men’s and women’s apparel. One thing you can do is to create 2 different ads, one that is targeting men, and another one that is targeting women. Each one differs in terms of the product you are promoting, designs, visuals, and copy, so the specific set of people your are targeting get more interested about your ad.

3. Choose the Right Type of Ads

There are 3 main types of Facebook ads that you should know about:

A. Image ads

This is considered the simplest kind of ads. All you have to do is insert an image or a design for your ad, but you’ll have to take into consideration the amount of text on the visual. Generally, the less text you have, the more successful your ad would be.

B. Video ads

You can also build your ad on Facebook as a video, this ad can be displayed in more than one way; you can display it in the videos section or in the stories.

C. Carousel ads

The carousel ads allow you to attach up to 10 images or videos. This way, you can better showcase all of your products or services in a way that best attract your customer’s attention.

Every type is suitable for a certain uses, so choose the type that suits your ad the most.

4. Plan Your Budget Carefully

How can you know if you should spend your money on a certain ad and make a profit?

First, you need to answer some questions before specifying a budget for you ad. What is your goal from making this ad? Is it getting new fans? Is it increasing product sales? What is your revenue target?

After answering all questions related to your ad, you can then start calculating the ad spend required to reach your goals and make profit.

Check out this amazing tool from HubSpot that helps you plan your budget and calculate your advertising Return on Investment (ROI).

5. Create Landing Pages for Your Ad

Landing pages are extremely important in order to increase your conversion rate. The main purpose of them is to educate people about your product or offer, so they get more convinced to buy it.

6. Analyze the Numbers

You cannot ever measure the success of your ad strategy without measuring the performance of your ads.

Always check how people interacted with your ad, how many people liked or commented on it, how many people clicked on the call-to-action, how many people have actually bought your product through your ad (how many conversions generated).

Always keep an eye on your ad performance, so you can decide what strategy you should follow when creating your next ad.

Copywriting Tips:

1. Keep it Short and Simple

Simply, shorter text means better copy. Also, simpler language makes people understand your ad faster.

2. Use the A.I.D.A. Formula

A.I.D.A. is one of the simplest and most important formulas when writing a copy for your ad. It indicates how you should write a copy that really forces people’s interest in your ad. It stands for: Attention –> Interest –> Desire –> Action.

Let us describe each one:

Attention: To build awareness, grab attention and curiosity, and hook the customer.

Interest: To make the user engage.

Desire: To make the user engage more and more, and make the decision.

Action: To make the user confirms the action and make the purchase, engaging with the call-to-action.

It is crucial to know how to write a copy that gets people attention, forces the user to engage and finally convert.

3. Always Include a Call-to-action

You cannot drive conversions without a clear call-to-action. Without it, people will have no idea where to click or what to do.

4. Benefits over Features

Features are nice, but benefits really sell!
Instead of telling people the features of your product or service, tell them why they should buy your product, and what is the benefit of buying your product or service.

For example, you could say: “Get a prepaid Mastercard without a bank account!”. That is a nice feature.
However, it is so much better to say: “Pay on any website in the world easily and securely without the complexity of banks or credit cards!”. That way, people know exactly why they need this product or service. Doesn’t this convince you more to invest in the product?

5. Use Hashtags the Right Way

Hashtags are clearly one of the most exciting features on social media. They are like the SEO of social media. That is why you should use them the right way to get the best exposure for your ad.

First, let us talk about Facebook hashtags, since most people are using them the wrong way. You sometimes see ads that contain tens of hashtags, this actually ruins the exposure of your ad.

It is recommended to use just 2 hashtags as maximum on Facebook to ensure the best exposure as many experiments have proven.

For Instagram, it works completely different. The more hashtags you add, the more they are relevant to your ad, the more you will get exposure, so every platform works in a different way.

Another thing you should consider is niching down into more specific hashtags. They attract more users and increase the reach and visibility. Do not use very general hashtags (alone) like #photography or #shopping. Also use branded hashtags like #CASHU.

Design Tips:

1. Use Simple and Suitable Typography

That wat the design will be easy on the eyes, and focus on the message you want to deliver. Use a font type that best suits your ad. Do not use multiple fonts, and do not use very long paragraphs.

2. Optimize Your Design for Multiple Devices

It is a well known fact that most people use mobile devices for social media. So when making a design for your ad, just make sure it looks perfect on both smartphones and PCs.

3. Reflect Your Brand Personality on Your Design

First, you should remember that your ad must include these basic branding elements:

A. Logo
B. Color scheme
C. Branded typography
D. Mascot (if exists)

You should associate every design with your brand, so people can recognize you wherever they see your posts, ads, and other visuals.

Your design should also reflect your personality. For example, if you are a clothing store for teenagers, your design should give a sense of joy and youth.

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The process of creating professionally sponsored ads may require some time and training, but once you follow some simple practical steps, you will be able to create a very attractive advertisement for your viewers, and then you will be able to achieve your goal and achieve the profit you want to reach.

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