Preparing for Ramadan: 8 Tips to Get Ready for the Holy Month

Preparing for Ramadan: 8 Tips to Get Ready for the Holy Month

Ramadan is coming! It has been a rough year for all of us, but we all love Ramadan because it is the month that helps us take a short break after these months, and focus on how to improve our lives and make it better.
And in order to be ready for Ramadan, we have listed a number of important preparations that you should make before the start of the month.

1. Visit the Doctor If You Have a Chronic Disease

If you suffer from a specific disease, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure, you should see a doctor to determine if it is safe to fast or not without posing a threat to your life and regulate your drug doses accordingly.

2. Eat Your Breakfast Early

Eating your breakfast early makes your body accustomed to it. That way, you will have an easier time waking up early and eating Suhoor. Suhoor is so important for you because it gives you the needed energy throughout the day.

3. Make a Plan for Your Meals

Start making a healthy food plan for Ramadan. It is important to have a balanced plan, so your body remains healthy and full of energy during the month.

These are the types of food you must consume healthily during Ramadan:
A. Whole grains: They are a rich resource of fiber and energy.
B. Meat: They are the main resource of protein.
C. Dairy: They contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and many vitamins.
D. Healthy fat food: like oils and nuts. They provide energy, absorb vitamins, and protect your heart and brain health.
E. Fruits: They are light on the stomach and rich in vitamins.
F. Vegetables: A great resource of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.
G. Food with rich carbohydrates: Like rice, pasta, etc. They are the body’s main source of energy: 

Don’t forget to drink water as much as you can, and keep your food consumption balanced.

4. Regulate Your Sleep

Many of us face the problem of not being able to sleep correctly during Ramadan. Try to regulate and adjust your sleeping before the beginning of the month so that you can wake up early for Suhoor without any problems.

5. Avoid Snack Times and Caffeine

If you are used to drinking so much tea or coffee during the day, it is very likely to get a headache. So, start limiting your drinking of tea and coffee from today.

Also, try to avoid snack times. Get your body used to two main meals only.

6. Take Care of Other People

Apart from food and health, it is great to care for someone who is financially suffering and ease their burdens.
Charities are very active in Ramadan, and they are doing a quite great job helping poor and needy people. Make sure to prepare yourself for helping these charities, engaging in charity works, and make people’s lives better in Ramadan!

7. Prepare Your Home

Arrange and maintain your home if needed before the beginning of the month and purchase all your household needs so that you dedicate yourself to worship, guest receiving, and practicing your daily activities

8. Balance Your Work Life

Make sure to set a strict routine for your daily activities and work. Just set a plan to balance your life in Ramadan and stick to it.

So, this is our list of pre-Ramadan preparations that you should make before entering the month. start applying them now, remind your relatives and friends of them, and stay as safe in your home as possible. Ramadan Kareem!


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