Top 7 Reasons Why your Credit Card Is Declined When You Buy Online

Have you ever tried to buy a specific product using your prepaid credit card (such as Majd cards provided by CASHU) and then were surprised by the rejection of the transaction?

Credit card refusal can be a concern if you are not sure why the merchant is rejecting your card. If you used credit cards in your everyday purchases, the rejection may mean the inability to buy your basic necessities.

In this article, we will tell you about the most common reasons for rejecting your credit card when paying online. And if you do not have a credit card and would like to have one, we will tell you how to get a prepaid Mastercard from CASHU without the need for a bank account.

1. The Most Common Reason for Rejecting your Credit Card When Paying Online

1. You do not have enough balance on your card

If your credit card is prepaid, make sure that there is sufficient balance in your credit card to cover the value of the purchase transaction and any fees that are deducted by your bank or by the merchant’s website. Some banks also charge fees for purchases made in a currency different from the currency of the card, which should be noted when paying online.

2. The billing address for the card is different from the user’s country

Some sites reject the credit card if the card is issued from a country different from the country of the user registered with them, and it requires verification of the user’s ownership of the credit card before completing the process.

3. The information entered is incorrect

When you make an online purchase with your credit card, you will be asked to enter the card information, such as the card number, expiration date, and card verification code (CVV), in addition to the country and sometimes billing address.

Your credit card may be rejected because the information entered on the website is incorrect. Always make sure that you have entered the card information correctly before clicking on the buy button, in order to avoid suspending your account on the merchant website in the event of incorrectly entering the card information.

4. Reaching the maximum permissible limit for shipment or purchase

All credit card issuers set a monthly or daily ceiling for charging or purchasing from the card, in order to reduce fraud. Always ensure that you have not reached the maximum limit allowed for shipping or purchases on your card.

5. The card is expired

You should always make sure that your card is still active and has not expired so that it will not be rejected, and remember that you can always replace your old card for a new one at any time.

6. The process is questionable

Some purchasing operations may be rejected because the purchasing process is doubtful, and the card may have been used by some people who were able to obtain the card information and use it in a suspicious and unusual way. Fortunately, these suspicious purchases are usually automatically rejected.

7. Technical reasons

Sometimes the card may be rejected for some simple technical errors, such as:

– Slow internet speed.

– A technical error in the servers of the site you want to buy from.

– The presence of a very large number of purchasing operations that are being processed at the same moment.

In this case, all you have to do is try to purchase at a later time, and the issue will be likely resolved.

2. How to Get Your Own Credit Card Through CASHU

CASHU is the first and largest electronic wallet in the Arab world, serving more than 2.7 million users in the region. You can be sure that you will get the best online shopping experience as well as all the financial services you need in the best possible way.

CASHU offers you Majd cards of various types and categories, which are prepaid Mastercards that you can obtain through the CASHU application without the need for a bank account.

Let’s now learn how to get Majd card through the CASHU application:

1. Open the CASHU application, register and click “Mastercard”.

2- From the Mastercard page, choose the Majd card that suits you. An explanation will appear for each card, from spending limits to how to recharge its balance. Follow the instructions and issue the card that suits you.

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And enter a whole world of online shopping and financial services without a bank account!

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