Is CASHU Safe?

Certainly, this question may have came to your mind before … What are the safety measures that CASHU takes? How does CASHU protect your personal data and your transactions of all kinds?

In this article, we will answer all the questions you have in mind!

What makes CASHU e-wallet safer than credit cards or traditional bank transactions?

All CASHU services are linked to your online wallet, which is accessed via a secure connection encrypted with an SSL certificate by the Komodo company, in addition to that any purchase or financial transaction that takes place through the CASHU wallet is encrypted with the same technology.

Thanks to this technology, no one can access your account, and no one can perform a purchase or financial transaction on your account without your knowledge.

When you make a purchase through the CASHU wallet itself (on sites that accept payment by CASHU wallet directly), you enter your email and password without entering any private information such as your credit card number. That way no one can access Your account information, even the merchants you purchase your products from.

When you make a purchase with Majd cards (your Mastercard with CASHU), you only use the amount on your card. You are the one who determines the amount on the card, unlike bank credit cards that has no specific ceiling to it because it is linked to the bank account directly. Thus, if the card information is stolen, the thief will be able to withdraw the amount he wants.

In addition, all your transactions via Majd card will be protected and encrypted, as you are the only one who has access to the card information, and you can fully control it directly through the application, because it is closely linked to your wallet.

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What Else?

Because CASHU is an electronic wallet, your account information and the purchases you make are not processed by specific people. All your information remains confidential within your wallet only.

We also focus on using the latest encryption methods and protection from fraud, as all purchases, your account information and your Majd cards are encrypted as mentioned previously, and therefore, no one can access the card information, and any external attempts to steal the amount in your account or card will be automatically rejected.

Account Verification

Anyone who has an account with CASHU must upload his identification documents to benefit from all CASHU services. Why? Because the account documentation process enables us to understand customers and their financial transactions, and it is part of the global regulations and legislation for financial transactions.

This is also one of the ways to protect CASHU accounts because it proves a person has ownership of their account. Be sure that these documents are only viewed by authorized persons and only when necessary after your consent to send these documents.

What are the most important security measures that must be taken when using CASHU wallet?

There are a number of procedures to ensure the security of your CASHU account. Here are the most important ones:

1. Not to deal with anyone who tries to contact you through communication sites or chat applications, claiming that he is from the CASHU technical support team. His contact with you involves an attempt to penetrate your CASHU account, and therefore do not give anyone the username or the password for your CASHU account or the ticket number that you are provided with through the technical support system, or the secret numbers for the coupons that you have purchased. Only communicate with technical support mail ( or through CASHU’s official social media pages, which are all documented with a blue mark next to the account name.

2. Protect yourself from fraudulent messages attempting to steal you, which are claimed to be sent from CASHU, any credit card company, or any known bank or website on the Internet, and delete messages that ask you for such personal information. You can inform us about such messages that are claimed to be sent by CASHU, by passing them on to us through the technical support mail:

3. When choosing a password for your CASHU account, remember to choose a strong and a unique one, and do not use it for your accounts on other websites.

4. Do not make any purchases, or even any process related to your CASHU account, using public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in restaurants and cafes, as these networks are unsafe and not encrypted, and someone inside this network may carry out an attack called “Moderator Attack” that enables him to get your full information!

5. Do not forget to review all activities related to your account and your Majd card, such as reviewing the account statement, for example, and you can do this directly through the CASHU application or through the CASHU website.

This is a summary of the security measures that are in place to protect your wallet and keep hackers out of your data. Always be sure that we adhere to the highest standards of protection to keep your data safe, and do not forget to also follow the protection measures we mentioned so that your data does not fall into the wrong hands! We wish you an enjoyable and safe shopping experience with CASHU!

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