Step-by-Step: How to Create and Fund a CASHU Account

Step-by-Step: How to Create and Fund a CASHU Account

If you want to know CASHU, its services, and how to create a CASHU account and fund it in detail, this article is for you!

CASHU is the first and largest electronic wallet in the Arab world, serving more than 2.7 million users in the region. Rest assured that you will get the best online shopping experience as well as all the financial services you need in the optimal possible way.

We will tell you in detail about CASHU and its services, and how to create a CASHU account and fund it through your nearest vendor. You will be able to buy everything you wish over the Internet and perform all different financial transactions, without the need for a bank account nor credit card!

1. What Is CASHU

CASHU is the first and largest electronic wallet in the Middle East and North Africa, it was established in 2002 and now serves more than 2.7 million users in the region and around the world with an easy and secure electronic payment method in addition to many financial services, without the need for a bank account nor credit card.


  • Easy, fast and uncomplicated.
  • All purchasing and financial transactions are secure and encrypted.
  • CASHU is accepted as a payment method on many online sites, in addition to all sites that accept prepaid Mastercard (with Majd Cards).
  • More than 300,000 points of sale for CASHU balance in the Arab world and other countries.

CASHU isn’t only an electronic payment method! CASHU now provides all the financial services you can think of. Let’s get to know CASHU services in brief.

2. CASHU Services

CASHU includes 10 main services, so let’s get to know them.

1. Online payment via the wallet directly, through the sites that accept payment with CASHU wallet.

2. Majd cards, which are prepaid Mastercard of more than just one type. You can issue them through the CASHU application in simple steps. You can use them wherever Mastercard is accepted!

3. Transfer CASHU balance to any other CASHU wallet anywhere in the world.

4. Money transfers, by sending CASHU balance to the approved exchange shops, then withdrawing the amount in cash.

5. Paying bills of all kinds.

6. GOcardi stores that has more than 35 types of digital cards!

7. CASHU Bazaar, which is an online store on the CASHU application that enables you to display your merchandise on the application.

8. A savings program, whereby you buy annual deposit certificates with a profit rate of up to 25% annually!

9. CASHU Ambassador, a program that gives you additional profits by registering CASHU accounts for your friends. You will get profits for every recharge made by a user you brought in.

10. Cryptocurrency trading service.

* Some services may not be available in all countries.

These are the CASHU services available on the app. Now, you will get to know how to create and verify a CASHU account through the application.

Get CASHU App Now

And enter a whole world of online shopping and financial services without a bank account!

3. How to Create and Verify a CASHU Account

Registration takes only few minutes!

1. Open the CASHU app. You will see the login screen. Then click on “Register a New Account” below.

2. A window will appear to register your account. Enter your email, password, and phone number. Make sure to activate the option “I agree to receive marketing and promotional messages” so that you will receive our latest exclusive offers and news on your e-mail.

Then click on “Create my account”.

3. You will receive the verification code on your mobile phone as shown in the picture. Enter the verification code and click “Verify”.

The second screen will appear and you will be notified that a confirmation code will be sent to your email. Click “Start Now” at the bottom of the page.

On the third screen, enter the verification code that was sent to your email, and click “Confirm”.

Congratulations! Your account has been created successfully! Now let’s enter the personal data and upload the identification document.

4. Sign in again. Your profile will now appear. Now click on the “Personal Information” section as shown in the picture. Enter your personal information, and make sure it is correct and 100% accurate, and in English as well.

5. Now comes the last step to complete your account: Verify your account by uploading the identification document.

The account documentation process enables us to understand customers and their financial transactions and is part of the global regulations and legislation for financial transactions.

Upon verifying the account with your identification documents, your account will be upgraded from a basic account to a premium account and you will be able to use all the benefits of the premium account.

To verify your account, you should upload ID, passport, driver’s license, or residence document if you are an expatriate.

Now go to the section “Identifying documents”, then click on the blue button to upload the documents, this window will appear.

Now click on “Add Document” and upload your identification documents.

Watch out! The documents uploaded should cover the front and the back, and all information must be clear and not hidden, and all of them match the information that you entered on your account.

Your documents are stored in a very safe and secure place, and no one will view them except by authorized persons and only when needed.

The approval process for the identification document will now begin, and a message will be sent to your email when the document is approved. The process takes up to 48 working hours. After that, you can take advantage of all CASHU services available.

Congratulations! Your account is now ready to use. You can enjoy all CASHU services available without any restrictions!

This is the main screen on the CASHU application that contains all CASHU services. Click on any service you want and start using our great services!

Now that your account is ready, let’s move to how to fund your wallet through the nearest authorized CASHU credit vendor in your area.

4. How to Fund Your CASHU Wallet

CASHU provides you with 4 easy and fast ways to recharge your wallet balance:

1. Fund it via authorized vendors (CASHU cards / coupons or by direct charging via direct charging machines / windows).

2. Credit card funding.

3. Fund with mobile phone credit.

4. Funding via UFund service for our users in Egypt.

To learn how to top up your wallet balance in all the ways and in detail, read this article!

CASHU cards are available in 5 rates: $ 10, $ 30, $ 50, $ 100, $ 300.

1. After clicking on the link above, the authorized vendors page will appear as shown in the picture. Select the country and city and click “Search Now”.

You can also find this page by going to the CASHU website ( or ( for our users in Saudi Arabia, then scroll to the bottom and click on the option “Get CASHU”.

You will be shown all authorized vendors in your area with all their details. You can then go to the vendor’s location and buy CASHU credit at the value you want.

* The commission for purchasing the balance is determined by the vendor, but the highest rate limit of the commission is determined by CASHU.

Your account will be charged directly if you recharge your account through direct Funding machines / windows.

If you purchased CASHU cards, now move to the second step, which is to enter the card number inside the app.

2. Go to the CASHU application and log in, click on the “Add Money” button, then click on the “CASHU Card” option.

On the recharge card, scrape the number on the back, insert it into the space provided and press “Fund”.

Congratulations! The balance has been added to your account. Enjoy all of our services now!


Creating a CASHU account and funding it requires only a few easy steps.

Start using CASHU now, and enjoy paying online and conducting all your financial transactions without the need for a bank account nor credit card with ease and security. Join more than 2.7 million users in the Middle East and North Africa! Are you ready to try CASHU services?

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