What Are the Common Payment Issues on PlayStation Store and How to Avoid Them

What Are the Common Payment Issues on PlayStation Store and How to Avoid Them

Payments on the PlayStation Store may get tricky sometimes. Have you tried recently to add a credit/debit card to your PlayStation account, but you’ve got an error that the payment is not accepted? Like this error message:

“The credit/debit card information is not valid.”

or other error messages.
Here, we’ll show you the most common causes and how to solve these problems:

1. You tried to add a card that its issuance country isn’t the same as the country your PlayStation account is registered in. You can use an alternative payment method, but the ideal solution is to purchase a PlayStation gift card that is redeemable in your PlayStation account country.
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2. You added the card details incorrectly. Check that all details are entered correctly. Use only English characters and avoid using special characters.

3. The billing address is incorrect. Use physical addresses only, enter apartment/address on the same line, and avoid using special characters.

4. There are some issues with the PlayStation Network. Always check this site to make sure that the network is working fine before attempting to pay.

5. If you get this message: “This action has been attempted too many times.”, then your payment attempt has been blocked temporarily for security reasons. You can try again after at least 24 hours.

Let’s say you’ve purchased an item successfully, but you haven’t received it yet. There are some steps you can take to identify and solve the issue:

1. Log out and back into your account.

2. Make sure that you have enough funds in your account.

3. Check your card statement for pending charges.

So, these are the most common issues that may occur when you try to pay on your PlayStation account using a credit/debit card. Remember that if you still face any problems, you can just contact PlayStation Support.

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