Step-by-Step: How to Run a Professional Sponsored Ad on Facebook

Step-by-Step: How to Run a Professional Sponsored Ad on Facebook!

We all want to reach the most possible number of users in order to make more sales, that is why we want to show you how to run a professionally looking Facebook sponsored ad to help you generate more profit.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to easily do a sponsored ad on Facebook through a step-by-step illustration.

Ads are a very important tool on Facebook as it provides multiple choices for the advertisers such as reaching more people, increasing the number of downloads for a company’s application for instance, or even doubling the interaction on your page or event.

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We’ve got your back, we will also explain to you how to pay for Facebook ads using CASHU without needing a bank account nor a credit card!

Let’s start now!

1- The types of Sponsored Ads That Facebook Provides

1- Images

This is considered the simplest kind of ads. All you have to do is insert an image or a design for your ad, but you’ll have to take into consideration the amount of text on the visual. Generally, the less text you have, the more successful your ad would be.

2- Videos

You can also build your ad on Facebook as a video, this ad can be displayed in more than one way; you can display it in the videos section or in the stories.

3- Carousels

The carousel ads allow you to attach up to 10 images or videos. This way, you can better showcase all of your products or services in a way that best attract your customer’s attention.

2- Step-by-Step: How to Create a Sponsored Ad on Facebook

Creating a sponsored ad is very simple, unlike what many would think. Just follow these simple rules and create your first ad with ease:

  1. Create an account on Facebook Ads Manager and log in. Then on the main page, choose “Create.”

2- Now you should choose the goal of your ad. Facebook offers you 11 goals where you choose one. Your goal could be reaching more people, or views to a certain video, etc. and you can find the rest of the goals shown in the picture below.

3- After choosing your goal, name your ad in order to differentiate it from your other ads and then choose the Facebook page on which you want to display your ad.

4- Now you have to define your target audience. This step is considered the most important and crucial one in order for your ad to reach the right audience. Facebook enables you to define many characteristics of your target audience such as the age, gender, location, etc. But the most important feature is that you can choose your audience based on specific interests. For example, CASHU provides online payment methods, so when we are creating our ads, we are going to target people who are interested in online shopping.

5- The next step is determining the budget for the ad as well as the times the ad is displayed to users. There are two ways to determine how to use your budget; you can either set a budget for only one day or you can set a budget for all of your ads and then select the days on which your ad will be running. You can choose whichever method is best suited for you.

6- Now we have reached the point where we specify the nature of the ad we will be running; whether it is an image, a video, or a carousel and then uploading the media for the chosen ad type. For example, if you want your ad to be an image, then you upload the one you want to be displayed in the ad.

7- After this, you can write the text or the content you want in your ad, you can also add a certain link that leads the customers to your store.

8- Lastly, and after carefully reviewing your ad, click on “Confirm.” After this, Facebook will review and approve your ad and it will be ready to be published.

3- How to pay on Facebook Sponsored Ads Without a Credit Card

Are you looking for an easy way to pay for Facebook ads online without the need for a bank account nor a credit card? Get to know CASHU now!

CASHU is the first and largest e-wallet in the Middle East and North Africa used for online shopping and conduct financial transactions without the need for a bank account nor a credit card. You can shop online now and create Facebook ads easily, safely and hassle-free and join more than 2.7 million CASHU users in the region.

CASHU offers multiple solutions to paying online, one of these solutions is Majd Joy Plus card. It is a virtual prepaid Mastercard which you can use on Facebook and any websites in the world that accept Mastercard without the need for a bank account nor a credit card!

Majd Joy Plus

Use this prepaid virtual Mastercard to pay online up to $500 daily and $5,000 monthly, and secure your transactions with the 3-D Secure feature. Its balance can be funded using SCARDU coupons. It’s the perfect card for online advertisers and everyday shoppers!

After we learned about the types of Facebook ads and how to create one, the following are the steps to add Majd Joy Plus as a payment method for Facebook:

  1. Log into your Facebook Ads Manager account, then click on “Business Tool” on the far right and choose “Billing.”

2. From the far left, select “Payment Settings.”

3. Now choose “Add Payment Method.”

4. Choose the option “Credit or Debit Card” and click on “Next.”

5- Now all you have to do is enter the card information then press on “Save.”

Congratulations! You have now successfully paid for your sponsored ad! When you create more ads in the future, you will be automatically billed through your card.


Facebook sponsored ad is considered one of the most powerful digital tools that can help you achieve whatever marketing goals you have. The steps of creating a Facebook sponsored ad are very simple and easy, and don’t forget that the most important part is defining your target audience through their age, gender or even interests so that you can reach the largest number of users that best suits your business.

Start creating your professional Facebook ads now and pay using Majd Joy Plus issued by CASHU application and use it on all websites that accept prepaid Mastercard without the need for a bank account nor a credit card and join more than 2.7 million users in the region!

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