Announcement About CASHU Services

Announcement About CASHU Services

This is for our beloved users… in the Arab Gulf, in Levant, in Egypt and Sudan, in the Arab Maghreb, and everywhere else…

Since the launch of the Majd Card Joy service, CASHU has received a number of repeated questions and inquiries, which we would like to answer in complete transparency in this blog post.

The Reason for the Frequent Discontinuation of the Majd Card Joy Service

It is important for CASHU users to remember that CASHU does not operate in one country, but in all parts of the world in general, and in the Middle East and North Africa region in particular, and that the compliance rules that any FinTech service provider follows vary from one country to another, based on the global and local laws and regulations, which is what CASHU has been keen to follow continuously since it was established in 2002, ensuring that consumers benefit from its services in the best way and in line with the regulations of each country.

This one reason for the constant updates that we make to our services, which we will continue to make. It is also the main reason for making some of our services available in certain countries, but not in others.

When Will the Majd Card Joy Service Be Available Again?

The service will not be fully available before the end of this year, in order to ensure that it is presented in the best form that CASHU deems appropriate, in line with its standards, and in line with the applicable laws and regulations… Once the service is available, it will be announced in the usual ways on our social media pages, mobile app notifications, and emails…

However, we would like you to know that during this time and until the end of the year, there will be alternative solutions for Majd Card Joy provided by CASHU to its customers temporarily, which we will announce very soon…

What Do You Do with the Balance Available in Your CASHU Wallet?

The Majd Card Joy service is only one of a variety of other services provided by CASHU; such as the digital wallet itself that can be used directly on a number of online merchants that accept it as a payment method, including GOcardi store, the credit transfer service, the cash remittance service, the bill payment service, the CASHU Bazaar service, the savings service, and others. And if one of the CASHU services is stopped for any reason, this does not mean that you will not be able to use your wallet balance anymore! Your balance is yours, and you can use it in any available service in the way you see fit.

In the End…

It is important to us that you trust CASHU’s vision, which is to lead you to a life in which you do not need cash, and in which you fully rely on CASHU to conduct all your financial transactions, which is what the CASHU team has worked and will always work hard to achieve, through providing and developing innovative and secure services and solutions that suit all your financial needs, and in accordance with local laws and regulations in each country, of course.

Thank you for choosing CASHU… thank you for your continuous support… and thank you for your trust.

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