Learn in Detail How to Buy and Sell Your Products on CASHU Bazaar

Do you own any new or used items that you want to sell? Or you want to buy some products in the easiest and fastest way possible?

CASHU offers you a new, easy, fast, and secure way to buy and sell online without the need for a bank account nor credit card!

CASHU Bazaar is a special store and is available within the CASHU application, meaning that you will be able to buy and sell all your products, pay with CASHU wallet directly, without the need to leave the application!

Let’s find out how to buy and sell on CASHU Bazaar!

1. What Is CASHU Bazaar

CASHU Bazaar is a completely new online store that enables you to sell any of your products directly on the CASHU application, whether you are a merchant or a regular user. You can shop and buy products from hundreds of available stores and pay using your CASHU wallet directly, or you can sell your products to more than 2.7 million users on CASHU easily and safely!

What types of products are available on CASHU Bazaar?

1. Phones and Electronics

2. Digital products

3. Accessories

4. Books

5. Games

6. Perfumes and personal care supplies

7. Men’s and women’s fashion

8. Vehicles

9. Furniture

10. Food

11. Sports Equipment

12. Baby essentials

13. Pets

Simply, you can buy and sell any type of product at CASHU Bazaar!

Now, let’s find out how to buy at CASHU Bazaar.

2. How to Shop and Buy at CASHU Bazaar

Let’s now learn how to buy your products easily and in a few steps on the CASHU Bazaar inside the CASHU app.

1. Open the CASHU app and log in. Scroll down and click on “CASHU Bazaar”.

2. The store will now appear to you. You can browse all existing products and choose the one you want.

3. After selecting the product, you will see all the product details (description, price, country …). You can also add the product to your favorites, so you can refer to it later.

4. After viewing all the product details, click “Make Order”, and the item you want will be reserved with the merchant after he makes sure that it is available.

5. After ordering the item and confirming it by the merchant, the seller will contact you to agree on the delivery details, knowing that the price of the product does not include the delivery fee.

The price of the product will be deducted directly from your CASHU wallet, but the amount will not be sent to the merchant until you confirm receiving the product in order to ensure that you received the product without any problems.

How do you confirm the receipt?

After the merchant delivers the product to you and confirms the receipt on the CASHU application, the application will automatically notify you that you must confirm the receipt. You can also refer to the details of the purchase process by clicking on the store image on the top left, then clicking on “My Orders”.

Congratulations! You have completed the first purchase transaction on CASHU Bazaar! Let’s find out now how to sell on CASHU Bazaar.

3. How to Sell Products at CASHU Bazaar

Selling on CASHU Bazaar is easier than you think! Whether you are a regular user who wants to sell some of your belongings, or a merchant and want to sell different products.

What are the advantages of selling on CASHU Bazaar?

1. Sales commission is only 5%!

2. All your profits will be received directly to your CASHU wallet

3. More than 2.7 million CASHU users, and this means that you will reach a large segment of audience.

To become a seller on CASHU Bazaar:

1. Go to the Bazaar, and click on the store image on the top left.

2. Click on “Become a Seller!”

3. Answer the questions, then upload a picture of yourself carrying the identification document next to you, and the document must be clear and valid.

This documentation process enables us to understand customers and their financial transactions and is part of the global regulations and legislation for financial transactions.

After your request is approved, you can easily start selling all of your products!


CASHU Bazaar is a completely new service that enables you to buy and sell all the products you want in a few steps, so that you can sell your products to more than 2.7 million users, or buy your favorite products and pay with CASHU wallet directly!

Start using CASHU now, and enjoy shopping, buying and selling online, conducting all your other financial transactions, and join more than 2.7 million users in the Middle East and North Africa! Are you ready to try CASHU services?

Get CASHU App Now

And enter a whole world of online shopping and financial services without a bank account!

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