If you want to learn about CASHU, how to create a CASHU account and how to fund the wallet, this article is for you!

CASHU is the first and the largest e-Wallet in MENA, serving over 3 million users in the region and all around the world. Be sure that you’ll get the ideal online banking experience with CASHU!

Here, we’ll explain to you what is CASHU, how to create an account and how to fund the wallet through our vendors. After that, you’ll be able to buy everything you want online and conduct all online financial transactions, without the need for a bank account or credit card!

Let’s start now!

1. What is CASHU?

CASHU is the first and the largest e-Wallet in MENA. It was launched in 2002 and it now serves over 3 million users with easy and secure online payment services, plus other online financial services, without the need for a bank account or credit card.


  • It’s easy and convenient.
  • All transactions are secure and encrypted.
  • CASHU wallet is accepted as a payment method by over 7,000 websites. It’s also accepted by all websites that accept the prepaid Mastercard (by using Majd Card).
  • Over 300,000 CASHU credit vendors are available in MENA and other countries.

CASHU isn’t just a payment method. Let’s take a brief look at all CASHU services available in CASHU App.

2. CASHU Services

The CASHU app includes 10 products and services:

  1. Online payments through the wallet on websites that accept CASHU wallet as a payment method.
  2. Majd Cards, which are Mastercard prepaid cards. You can get them instantly on CASHU App with a few steps only, and they are accepted on any website that accepts the prepaid Mastercard!
  3. CASHU credit transfer to any other CASHU wallet worldwide.
  4. Money Remittance through exchange houses.
  5. Bill payments.
  6. GOcardi digital cards store, which sells more than 40 digital cards!
  7. CASHU Bazaar, an online store that lets you sell your equipment on CASHU App to millions of CASHU users.
  8. Savings Program, which lets you buy deposit certificates with a specified amount and get a yearly profit up to 25%!
  9. CASHU Ambassador Program. By registering to this program, you can create CASHU accounts for your friends and family, and you’ll gain extra profit every time you fund their wallets and they spend the amount.
  10. The Crypto service for trading cryptocurrencies.

*Some services might not be available in your country.

These are all the services that are available on CASHU App. Let’s now create an account and verify it!

Before you start…

Download CASHU App through the link below. The app is available on App Store and Google Play!

3. How to Create a CASHU Account and Verify It

The creation process takes a few minutes only!

1. Open CASHU App. The below window will appear. Now click on “Sign Up”.

2. In the registration window, enter your email, password and mobile number. Make sure you activate the option “I agree to receive promotional and marketing emails”, so you don’t miss any of our offers and announcements!
Now, click on “Create Account”.

3. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the code and click on “Verify”.

Now, a verification code will be sent to your email. Click on “Get Started”.

Enter the code and click on “Confirm”.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your account! Now, let’s fill out the personal details and upload the identification documents.

4. Log in again to your account. The profile page will appear immediately. Click on “Personal Information” tab and fill out your personal information. Make sure that all the information is 100% accurate and typed in English only.

5. Now the final step comes: Verifying your account by uploading the identification documents.

Verifying your account allows us to understand our customers and their financial dealings. It’s also a part of the global financial regulations.
Furthermore, your account will be upgraded to premium once you verify it with your identification documents and you’ll be able to benefit from the premium account features.

You can upload your national ID, passport, driving license, or residence permit (required if you’re an expat).

Now, click on “Identification Documents” tab, then click on the blue upload button. This window will appear.

Upload your documents, and click on “Add Document”.

You must upload images of both sides of the document. All information must be clear, and the same as the personal information you filled out on your profile.
All your documents will be stored in a safe and highly secure place. No one has access to these documents except the authorized people.

After that, the verification process will start and it takes 48 working hours as maximum. You’ll receive an email after your documents are accepted. You can then use all available CASHU services.

Congratulations! Your account is ready!

This is the main app screen which contains all CASHU services. Click on any service you want and start using it without any limitations!

The next step: funding your wallet through the nearest CASHU credit vendor in your area.

4. How to Fund Your CASHU Wallet

You can fund your wallet by purchasing CASHU coupons from our vendors, or by using direct top-up kiosks. CASHU coupons are available at 5 values: $10, $30, $50, $100, and $300.

There’s an option for funding the wallet using mobile credit, which is available in certain countries.

Our vendors are everywhere!

CASHU credit is available by over 300,000 vendors in MENA and other countries!
Click on the link below and find the nearest vendor in your area.

1. After opening the link above, The vendors page will appear to you. Choose the country and city, and click on “Find Now”.

You can also access this page by going to CASHU website (www.cashu.com) or (www.cashu.sa for Saudi users), navigating to the bottom and clicking on “Get CASHU”.

The full list of vendors will appear with all their details. After that, you can head to the nearest vendor and get CASHU credit.

*There’s a commission defined by the vendor itself. However, the maximum commission value is defined by CASHU.

Your wallet will be funded immediately if you fund it using direct top-up kiosks. If you purchased CASHU coupons, move now to the next step which is entering the coupon number inside the app.

2. Go to the app, click on “Add Money”, then click on “CASHU Card”.

On the back side of your CASHU coupon, scratch the number area to get the coupon number, enter it inside the app, and click on “Submit”.

There’s also a funding method for Egypt called “UFund”. You can use it by choosing UFund instead of “CASHU Card”. Then, get the reference number, head to the nearest Aman or Masari branch, and charge your wallet.

Congratulations! Your wallet is now funded. Enjoy all our services!


Creating a CASHU account and funding the wallet takes only few simple steps. It’s so easy when comparing it with other platforms.

Start using CASHU now, and enjoy shopping online and conducting all other online financial transactions without the need for a bank account or credit card. Join more than 3 million users and enjoy a whole new experience! Are you ready?

The next step…

After you created your account, read this article to learn how to buy anything online using CASHU, without a bank account or credit card, step-by-step.

Download CASHU App now

and enter a new world of online payments without a bank account or credit card!

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