Step-by-Step, How to Buy Online Without a Credit Card

Step-by-Step, How to Buy Online Without a Credit Card

Are you looking for the ideal way to shop and buy online, without a bank account or credit card? Here’s how to do it!

We’ll tell you exactly how to use CASHU to buy online from any website in the world, without the need for a bank account or credit card, step-by-step.

CASHU is the first and the largest e-Wallet in MENA, serving over 3 million users in the region and around the world. Be sure that you’ll get the perfect online banking experience with CASHU.

There are 3 methods to buy online using CASHU. Let’s start learning how to use them!

Before you start…

Read this article to know what is CASHU and how to create an account, step-by-step, plus how to fund the wallet through our vendors.

And don’t forget to download CASHU App from the link below. It’s available on App Store and Google Play!

Method 1: Buying Using CASHU Wallet Directly

on websites that accept CASHU wallet as a payment method

CASHU wallet is accepted as a payment method by over 7,000 online merchants around the world, like:

Now, we’ll explain how to subscribe to Deezer and pay using CASHU wallet. The same steps apply to all other websites.

1. Make sure you have sufficient credit in your wallet and download Deezer app.

Go to app settings, then to the payment section, and click on “Extend your access”.

2. Choose your subscription option. Then, the list of all payment options will appear. Choose CASHU as a payment method and click on “Buy now”.

3. The payment window will appear now. Enter your CASHU account email and password, and click on “Pay”.

Congratulations! You’ve subscribed successfully! You’ll have the confirmation window below when the payment is successful.

In just 3 simple steps, you can pay on any website that accepts CASHU wallet as a payment method, without a bank account or credit card.
Let’s now move to the second method which is buying using Majd Cards.

Method 2: Buying Using Majd Cards (Mastercard Prepaid Cards Issued by CASHU)

Here’s the easiest and fastest way to buy online on any website that accepts Mastercard prepaid cards, without the need for a bank account or credit card… using Majd Cards!

Majd Cards are Mastercard prepaid cards issued by CASHU. They are available in many kinds to suit your needs.
Take a look at their features below. You can get them instantly on CASHU App!

Majd Card Classic

A virtual prepaid card. You can fund it with up to $400 monthly, and it’s valid for 6 months. It’s accepted on any website that accepts Mastercard prepaid cards.

Majd Card Joy (Soon)

A virtual card that has the 3-D Secure feature, which adds an extra layer of security to the card, making its data harder to compromise. It also works on websites that require this feature, and other websites that accept the prepaid Mastercard.

Follow us and stay tuned for more details about Majd Card Joy!

To know more about the cards’ fees, visit this link. We have the lowest fees in the region!

Generating your card takes only few steps. Let’s see how to get a card on CASHU App.

1. Open CASHU App and sign in, then click on “Mastercard”.

2. Click on the card you want to generate. We’ll choose Majd Card Classic here.

3. This window will appear. The same window will appear when you fund an existing card.

4. Now add the amount to your card. The minimum allowed amount is $10. After that, click on “Add”.
Now, the card will be generated for you instantly, and you’ll be able to use the card!

For Majd Card Joy, the process is a little different. After clicking on the card, you’ll be asked to upload a video KYC. That’s done by uploading a video of yourself holding your identification document next to yourself. While you’re recording, mention your name, date of birth and national identification number.
After the video is accepted, you’ll be able to use your card on your favorite websites.

This verification process allows us to understand our customers and their financial dealings. It’s also a part of the global financial regulations.

Your card is ready! Now, let’s use it online. We’ll use it on Amazon as an example.

1. Go to and choose a product. Then, go to the shopping cart and click on “Proceed to checkout”.

2. Fill out the shipping address and move to the payment page. Click on “Add a payment method”, then click on “Add credit or debit card”.

3. Fill out the following information:
– Cardholder name, which is the same name registered in your CASHU account.
– Card number, which consists of 16 digits.
– Card expiry date.
– Card security code (CVV / CVC2) if required.

Now, click on “Add your card”.

This window will appear again. Click on “Continue”.

Fill out the billing address, which is the same address registered in your CASHU account.

4. This is the summary of the purchase order. Choose the delivery option and click on “Place your order in USD”.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully purchased your product. With Majd Cards, you can buy anything online, without a bank account or credit card!

Let’s now move to the last method which is buying using digital cards through GOcardi store.

Method 3: Buying Using Digital Cards Through GOcardi Store

GOcardi store is a digital cards store which offers you more than 40 digital cards at different categories!
The store is included in CASHU App, or you can visit

Here are some of the digital cards available:

  • Entertainment cards: iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Arab Millionaire and more.
  • Gaming cards: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Blizzard, PUBG, Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, Razer and more.
  • Online shopping cards: Amazon, eBay, GameStop and more.

*Some cards might not be available at a certain time due to high demand.

You can buy from GOcardi and pay using CASHU wallet directly. Now, let’s learn how to buy cards through CASHU App. We’ll use Netflix as an example (You can use Majd Cards on Netflix too).

1. Open CASHU App and click on “GOcardi”. This window will appear.

2. Choose Netflix cards, then choose the card region and the quantity.

Now click on “Proceed to Checkout!” to buy your cards. The amount will be automatically deducted from CASHU wallet.

3. Now, go to The homepage will appear. Click on “Try 30 days free”.

2. If you’re a new user, enter your email and password.
Proceed to the payment page, and click on “Gift Code”.

3. Enter the digital card number and Zip Code, then click on “Redeem gift code”.

Congratulations! You’ve subscribed successfully. Enjoy paying on most entertainment, gaming, and shopping sites and services using digital cards through GOcardi store.


Online payments have become a lot easier with CASHU. It offers you 3 easy and safe methods to buy online without a bank account or credit card. Choose the method you like and enjoy a unique online shopping experience!

Start using CASHU now, and pay using CASHU wallet, Majd Cards, or through GOcardi store, and join over 3 million users in the region and all around the world! Are you ready?

Download CASHU App now

and enter a whole new world of online payments, without a bank account or credit card!

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