The Top Fashion Websites in the Middle East and North Africa

Buying Clothes for You and Your Family Has Never Been Easier!

Why bother going to the shops that may be far from your home and wasting valuable time when you can buy all the clothes you desire from the comfort of your home?

Not to mention with all what’s going on in some countries at the moment, it is difficult and rather dangerous to leave the house to buy clothes and other needs.

The digitalizing of the world became a necessity these days, so it is no longer difficult for you to find the right clothes online regardless of what your taste is like.

All famous brands are directing their attention to selling their clothes over the Internet. You can now find thousands of stores online and find hundreds of thousands of products you dream about effortlessly, saving money and time that you would have wasted if you shopped the traditional way.

Therefore, in this article, we will highlight the top 8 fashion websites in the Middle East and North Africa!

1. is the leading online store in Egypt, as it is one of the first websites to be directed to the Arab world, which provided a unique buying experience for Arab users.

On the website, you will find a “Fashion Market” section, which includes a very wide and distinctive variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. supplied by hundreds of international brands.

2. Farfetch

Farfetch is one of the largest online clothing stores worldwide that is available in all countries!  

Farfetch is the number one destination for anyone looking for style and modernity, offering the most fashionable clothes and accessories from more than 700 markets from all over the world.

3. Namshi

Namshi was established in 2011 in the United Arab Emirates and became one of the pioneering projects in the field of e-commerce. If you visited Namshi, you will find a very wide variety of different tastes from more than 700 stores around the world.

Namshi also has their own brand as it designs and produces clothes that are different and unique, so don’t forget to check up on them as well.

4. Modanisa

Modanisa is the largest and most popular girls’ site. It has become very popular recently as it provides more than 30 thousand products. The products are of excellent quality with very reasonable prices.

5. Amazon

As many of you know, Amazon is the most popular platform when it comes to online shopping. It is your go-to destination when searching for literally anything online from various international brands of all kinds.

6. Jobedu

Jobedu is a Jordanian company that was founded in 2007, and it is one of the top distinctive companies in the world of fashion. They only sell their own clothing brand that is produced by them.

Although it is dedicated to the Jordanian market, you can order clothes wherever you are as they have a worldwide shipping policy.


ASOS has received great fame among young people lately, as it offers a huge collection of modern fashionable clothes from various famous brands.

Moreover, they design and produce their own fashion lines which are distinguished by their youthful touch that caters for various tastes.

8. Mumzworld

Want to buy clothes for your baby or even a gift for your best friend who just had a little boy? “Mumzworld” is your first choice!

The site is considered to be one of the largest Arab sites specialized in children’s products. You will find everything you can think of in terms of modern and high-quality clothes, with different tastes and unique designs! Looking for other baby essentials? They’ve got you because simply put everything your baby needs is there.

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