Is CASHU Safe?

Have you ever wondered about our security procedures, and how we protect all your personal and financial information?
We’re now going to answer all these questions. Let’s take a look!

What makes CASHU E-wallet more secure than credit cards or other traditional banking services?

All CASHU services you use are strongly tied with your CASHU E-wallet that is stored online. Accessing the E-wallet is done by using a strong and trusted SSL/TLS certificate provided by Comodo. That means every transaction you make is secured and encrypted.

When you buy something using your CASHU wallet directly (on websites that accept CASHU wallet payments directly), all you have to do is enter your CASHU account email and password, and you don’t have to enter your personal and sensitive information (like your name and card’s number when you use a credit card). No one can access your information, even the merchant you’re buying a product from.

When you buy something using Majd Cards (Mastercards issued by CASHU), you’re using only the amount available in your card, and you fund your card with the amount you like. Not like credit cards, where no amount is specified. In this case, if a hacker has stolen the card details, they can steal any amount they want.
All transactions you make through Majd Cards are secured and encrypted. You’re the only one who can access the card’s information, and you’re the only one who have complete control over it, using CASHU App.

What else?
Because CASHU wallet is an E-wallet, all financial transactions you make aren’t controlled or processed by human. What happens in your wallet, stays in your wallet.
We also use the strongest and most advanced encryption methods, and we’re very serious about protecting your personal and financial information. Every transaction that is suspicious will be automatically rejected.

Account Verification

Every CASHU user has to verify their account through sending their identification documents. Why? Because it allows us to understand our customers and their financial dealings. It is also a part of the global financial regulations.
This also ensures the security of all CASHU accounts, and it confirms the ownership of the account user. Be sure that these documents are viewed ONLY by the authorized ones after you agree to send these documents.

What steps should you take to ensure the security of your CASHU wallet?

  1. Please be aware that if you are being contacted by anyone claiming to be CASHU support on social media or messaging services, it is a fraud attempt. Do never give out your login details (username & password) or the Ticket ID you submitted through the support system, or refill coupon details to anyone! Do only contact CASHU support email ( or CASHU’s own social media pages that are all verified (they have a blue “verified badge” next to the page name).

    2. CASHU will never send you an email asking for confidential information such as passwords or personal information. Please report phishing fraud by forwarding the suspicious message to our support team (

    3. When choosing a password for your CASHU account, make it so hard. It’s also better to use an encrypted password manager and generator to keep it safe. Also, don’t ever use it on other websites.

    4. Don’t ever use public Wi-Fi networks when buying online or doing any activity that is related to your wallet. Those networks are not encrypted. Anyone that is connected to the same network can execute a type of attack called “Man-in-the-Middle Attack,” and they can intercept your connection and steal your data.

    5. Don’t forget to check your account and card statements and other activities regularly. You can do this through CASHU App or CASHU website.

So, this is a brief of what we do to protect your wallet and keep it away from bad guys. Be sure that we use the strongest security procedures to keep your information safe, and don’t forget to follow the security steps we’ve provided so you make sure your account is secure.
Have a safe shopping experience with CASHU!

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