Step by Step: How to Transfer Money from Home Using CASHU

Because one of our top priorities is to provide all financial services to you in the easiest and fastest way possible. The money transfer services from CASHU are one of the easiest ways that enable you to transfer CASHU balance to other CASHU wallets or transfer it in cash to all your friends and loved ones easily and quickly, while you are just sitting at your home!

Let’s get to know these services now:

1. Transfer Service for Transferring CASHU Balance

The “Transfer” service from CASHU enables you to transfer CASHU balance from your wallet to any other CASHU wallet anywhere in the world… In less than a minute!

Let’s see the steps now:

1. Log into your account on the CASHU application, and make sure that your account is verified.

2. Click on the “Transfer” service, then click on the “Transfer to another wallet” option.

3. Enter the recipient’s phone number. The number must be the same as the number registered on the recipient’s CASHU account.

4. Enter the amount that you want to send to the recipient, noting that the maximum transfer amount is $500 per transaction.

5. Click “Submit” and you are done!

That way, you will have sent CASHU balance from your wallet to any other wallet in the world. The transfer fee is also symbolic, as it is a dollar and a half if the transfer is to a wallet in the same sender’s country, and only one dollar if the transfer is to the wallet outside the sender’s country!

2. Money Transfer Service for Sending Remittances in Cash

The “Money Transfers” service enables you to transfer the balance in your CASHU wallet into cash, by transferring the amount to exchange companies (and some banks) available on the application in many countries * (and new countries will be added later), so that the recipient, like one of your friends or your family members, go to the exchange office and easily collect the amount in cash.

Let’s now see the steps:

1. Log in to your account on the CASHU application, and make sure that your account is verified

2. Click on the “Money Transfer” service, or you can also click on the “Transfer” service and then click on the remittance option (Remit cash through an exchange company).

3. Now enter all details of the transfer, such as:

– The country to which you will transfer the money

– The name of the exchange company

– The reason for making the transfer

– The total amount that will be transferred to the exchange company

4. Now enter the recipient information, such as:

– Full name of the recipient

– His nationality

– His address

– His phone number

5. You will now see a summary of the transfer process for you to review all the details that you have entered. You can confirm the operation and also save it for later. You will not have to enter details again when performing another operation.

6. You will receive a text message on your phone containing a secret code to confirm your ownership of the account, and you must enter the number after confirming the transfer.

7. You will receive a message on your e-mail with the transaction number if it is approved, and the transaction number will be sent to the recipient of the transfer as well.

8. After approval of the transaction, the exchange office will contact the recipient to go to the office and receive the transfer.

9. Do not forget that the transaction can be canceled as long as it didn’t reach the exchange office, and the fees will be returned to the wallet. In the event that the amount reaches the exchange office, the fee will not be returned to the wallet.

The minimum transfer amount is $10, and the maximum is $300 per transaction. The transfer fee is $25 + a small fee specified by the recipients of the transfer. The process may take up to 48 business hours to be approved.

* Countries in which this service is currently available (that is, in which the recipient can receive his remittance if he is present) are: Bangladesh, Burundi, Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom United, Vietnam.

The rest of the countries will also be added soon.

So, these are the services that you can use to transfer your money to all your friends and loved ones through the CASHU application easily and quickly while you are sitting at home! Do not forget to review the rest of CASHU’s distinctive services, which enable you to conduct all your financial and purchasing transactions from your home without the need for a bank account!

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