All You Need to Know About Takaful Program and Rahmah Hour from CASHU

Because true heroes have hearts full of mercy, and because Ramadan is the month of mercy, goodness and love, we always try our best to do help the needy and poor people, or provide help and support for our family and friends.
But sadly, we are living in difficult situations these days, and so it’s hard for us to go outside home and do the good deeds we used to during the holy month every year.

So, our first priority at the beginning of Ramadan was to find the solution!

And the solution we’ve come up with is a collaborative initiative to deliver donations to the reliable charities while everyone is inside their homes, so goodness will never stop!
Let us introduce you to Takaful Program and Rahmah Hour from CASHU!

1. Takaful Program

Takaful Program is a collaborative initiative to deliver donations to the reliable charities.
CASHU has deposited $10,000 as a simple contribution to support the program.
You can be a hero for this month and make a change by donating, and CASHU will be fully responsible for delivering all donations to the reliable charities in different countries that are specialized in delivering food and basic groceries to the needy and poor people, such as the Egyptian Food Bank and “Tkiyet Um Ali”.
To donate, make sure you have the latest version of CASHU App, then log in and click on “Takaful” button. You will be redirected to the initiative page (see the screen above).
You will find the total amount donated by all CASHU users to track the increase of balance throughout the month. You can donate any amount you wish without any limits, and there are no fees at all. Enter the amount you wish to donate and click on “Donate”, and the amount will be deducted from your wallet and will be added to the balance.

2. Rahmah Hour

There are probably people from our family, friends or loved ones who need some financial help and support. As we said before, the current situations don’t allow us to go outside the home and reach other people. So, we’ve opened the door for all users to give support to the ones who need it without any fees by transferring CASHU credit or remitting money, every day between 10PM and 11PM (Mecca time).
When opening CASHU App, you will also find a button for Rahmah Hour that shows you the remaining time for the hour to begin, and the default fees for the transfer services will not be applied during the hour.

Even in the toughest times, goodness will never stop. Let’s collaborate together to spread happiness and help those who need our help in this holy month, and let’s be all heroes who have hearts full of mercy!

Get CASHU App now and be the hero of your story!

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