Doctors’ Advice Against Cash… Here Is How CASHU Can Help You

For sure, you’ve heard about the risks of trading cash with others while the Coronavirus is spreading fast. That’s why lots of people have been staying away from cash or washing banknotes and coins after using them.
Also, there are many organizations, stores and restaurants that have stopped accepting cash, and there are many banks that have begun disinfecting cash in many ways.

Is cash that risky?

The problem is germs and viruses can remain on cash for many days, so germs and viruses can spread very easily when people are trading cash.

What’s the solution?

Actually, the world is already moving away from cash to better solutions. For example, cash usage in Sweden has decreased by 80% in the last 10 years, because many banks and stores have started rejecting cash.

The solution is online payments!

This is what CASHU exists for as the first Arab online payment method in the world!
Our vision is to lead the region towards a cashless lifestyle, where it’s easy for everyone to make safe and secure payments through digitalized currency.

Online payment is obviously the future. All you have to do is get an e-wallet on your smartphone to pay online and conduct all financial transactions while sitting inside your home and in less than a minute!

So, online payment is the solution. It’s faster, safer, more reliable, more advanced, and the most important thing these days is you don’t have to trade cash with other people, and the chances for the virus to be spread will be less.

Here are the CASHU services that help you pay online and stay away from cash!

In fact, CASHU App is the ONLY app that contains every single online payment service available today that help you pay online and conduct any other transaction while you’re at home. Here’s some of our services that help you pay online while you’re at home:

1. Majd cards

Majd cards are prepaid Mastercards that you can issue instantly from CASHU App. They work on any website worldwide that accepts prepaid Mastercards.
You don’t have to go outside your home! Buy everything you need online and subscribe to all your favorite services using Majd cards.
Get more details here.
And don’t forget that you can pay online using your CASHU wallet directly on any website that accepts CASHU wallet as a payment method!

2. Money transfer

Use CASHU App to transfer your credit to your loved ones anywhere. You don’t have to go to exchange companies. All you have to do is a CASHU account for and for the credit receiver!

3. Bill payment and donations

You can also use your CASHU App to pay all your bills, from internet, to water and electricity, and many other bills. You don’t have to go to your service provider, just select the provider and category, select the bill amount, and that’s it!

And if you want to donate money to the local charities and help those who need help these days, you can do it too.

4. GOcardi store

GOcardi store provides you dozens of digital cards you love, from shopping, to gaming and entertainment, and others!
Buy all your favorite digital cards, and pay using your CASHU wallet instantly!

There are many more services you will love in CASHU App that will help make your life a lot easier. Get the app now!

Let’s wrap it up:
Online payment is the ideal solution these days. It will help you buy all your needs and conduct all online transactions without the need for trading cash and contacting people closely.
Use CASHU now and enter a whole world of online payments from the comfort of your couch!

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