How to Take Care of Your Health During Self-Isolation

With social distancing measures continues to be implemented in more and more countries, it’s so important for all of us to stay home to remain safe. But, staying home for a very long time can impact our mental and physical health.

Because keeping our mental and physical health good is so important, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations have released several guides to maintain our health while in self-isolation. Now we’re going to tell you about the most effective ways to do that!

1. Motivate yourself through small activities

The problem with self-isolation is that you no longer practice the small things you used to do every day, like buying your favorite coffee before going to work or meeting your friends. These are the things that make our day.

When you’re at home, that doesn’t happen. You need to practice some small activities that help to create a sense of achievement for you and make you feel good. You can learn the basics of a new language, read a small book, make a video chat with your friends, practice your hobby, and a lot of other things!

2. Make a healthy diet plan

Because you spend a very long time at home, it could be that you’re sitting all day on the sofa, eating unbalanced meals as a way to entertain yourself.

It’s great for you to start making a healthy diet to improve your overall health. Balanced healthy food will obviously have a positive effect on your physical and also mental health!

3. Interact with nature

Don’t sit all day inside your home. This will make a negative impact on you! Spend some time in your garden, sit in your balcony, or just open the windows and expose yourself to nature!

4. Make an organized routine

You may feel lazy in the first days of self-isolation, but keeping lazy for a long time will not be good for your mental health.

You shouldn’t fall in the cycle of sleeping, working, eating and repeating. Do some new activities, learn new things and make this a routine for you.

5. Don’t just sit in the front of a screen

You can do a lot of things other than watching TV, playing on your computer or chatting on your phone. Vary your activities. You can listen to some podcasts, learn design and drawing, read some books, learn cooking and a lot of other useful and entertaining activities.

6. Stay connected with your friends

While you can’t meet your friends and talk to them face-to-face, it’s great if you always keep connected with them on social media. They are the best ones to give you emotional support and make you happy!

7. Don’t keep watching the news all-day

This will definitely impact your mental health! The World Health Organisation says: “A near-constant stream of news reports about an outbreak can cause anyone to feel anxious or distressed”.
And that’s very true. Just check the news at specific times during the day only.

Being in self-isolation may be somewhat boring, but at the same time, we can achieve many things through the days and create new ways to make our days fun. Take care of yourself and have fun at your home!

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