How CASHU Will Help You During Your Stay at Home

Are you planning to stay home these days?
You’re lucky! From now, you will not need to go outside to buy something to serve your different needs!

Do you want to buy some food or grocery? New home appliances? Medical stuff? Or want to enjoy some music and movies online?
No problem! Now you’re going to know how to serve all your needs and enjoy all your activities in your home with the help of CASHU services. Let’s dive in!

1. Majd Card Classic

Majd Card Classic is a virtual prepaid Mastercard available on CASHU App. It works on any website or service worldwide that accepts prepaid Mastercard. You can get it now with the lowest fees ever, and without the restrictions found in traditional credit cards.
What can you do with it? Everything you imagine!

Want to order some food? Order yours through any restaurant online or using services like: Talabat, Careem NOW, Monresto, FoodBeeper and Jumia Food.

Want also to buy grocery, food, cleaning products and other home essentials? Buy them now through Carrefour.

If you want to buy some electronics, accessories, books and several other things, sure you can too. Shop on websites like: Amazon, Souq, AliExpress, eBay and Jamalon.

And of course you want to enjoy listening to some music or watching movies and series. Subscribe now to Netflix, Wavo, beIN, Deezer, Spotify, Anghami and Apple Music.

And lots and lots of other websites and services for different needs! Simply, use Majd Card Classic while you’re at home via CASHU App. You don’t need to go out. Forget about the restrictions of banks and credit cards!
Learn more here.

2. Money Transfer

Want to transfer money to your friend or family? In one minute, you can transfer your CASHU balance to your loved ones, and also with the lowest fees ever. You can transfer your balance to any CASHU account worldwide.
Do you want CASHU balance? You can request it from your friends, and they will transfer it to you!

3. Bill payments and Donations

Using CASHU App, you can pay all your bills, from internet, to water and electricity, plus many others. All service providers are available too. You can also donate your CASHU balance to charities. All you have to do is choose the category, then choose the service provider and the amount you want to pay. That’s it!

CASHU is the only solution that serves all your online needs while you’re sitting at home!
It’s not only that. There are many other exclusive, yet amazing services that are available on our app. You will definitely enjoy them!

Try out a whole different online shopping experience with CASHU! Get the app now!

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