9 Main Rules to Follow When Using Your Smartphone

The latest statistics show that the number of smartphones currently in use is 3.5 billion, representing almost half of the world’s population!

Since our use of these devices is not only limited to making phone calls but has become a necessity that is difficult to live without, then there is an enormous amount of data stored on them that encapsulates all details of our lives.

Sadly, this data is usually not handled properly, so it could easily be lost, or worse, it could end up in the wrong hands.

So, what are the most important rules you need to care about when using your device?

1. Protect Your Device with a Password

Even though it may sound intuitive at first, but there are still many people who ignore securing their device with a password. This doesn’t only allow people to access the phone if it got stolen, but also enables hackers to access it remotely without any effort. Luckily, there are new features that make it easier to lock your phone, such as fingerprint and face scans.

2. Beware of Suspicious Links

Be careful when opening links, wherever its source is from, but especially if it’s coming from an unknown sender, in this case, don’t even think about clicking it!

You need to ensure that the sender intended to give you this link, not someone else, and that it wasn’t sent to you randomly.

Most importantly, make sure the sender is not an imposter. Meaning, they could pretend to be a company or bank you work with in order to deceive you into trusting them with your confidential information, but in reality, they are someone that may cause harm to your data and information. This act is also known as “phishing”. Read the link that was sent to you accurately, and always be aware of the sender’s identity.

3. Keep All Your Applications Updated to the Latest Version

Everyone finds this annoying, but why do we do it continuously?

In practice, every application update includes many fixes, especially concerning security, such that any vulnerabilities that would’ve been used by hackers to access the application and steal the data stored it, will be removed or repaired. It is best to prepare yourself to update all your applications on a weekly basis.

4. Complicate and Use Different Passwords for Each Application

Never use the same password for all your accounts! If you do, and if any hacker was able to access one of your accounts, they will be able to easily access the rest of your accounts without even putting much effort. Need to know more about how to create difficult and unbreakable passwords? Find our article that describes everything you need!

5. Stay Away From Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are a constant risk to your data, anyone connected to the same network can intercept the connection between you and the website you are trying to access using a few tools, and this type of attack is called “Man-in-the-Middle attack”.

6. Download Applications Only From the Official Stores

Don’t use anything but the official application stores, such as Play Store or App Store. There are many people who create fake and malicious applications that may look real, and as a result of using them, any piece of information that you entered in the application will be passed on to the wrong person!

7. Use Cloud Services

When you upload all your data on the cloud server, you will not lose anything if your device gets stolen or if your information was lost in any other way.

You can use well-known services such as Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive.

8. Activate the Remote Wipe Feature

This capability is available on all devices. It is known as “Find My” on Apple devices, and “Find My Device” on Android devices.

The feature enables you to control your device using any browser or available device. If your device has been lost or stolen, you will be able to remove all your data on your phone. Also, you can completely lock your phone, preventing anyone from accessing it.

9. Use Strong and Reliable Protection Applications

Antivirus apps are not only for computers, but they’re very essential for smartphones too!

These security programs give you complete protection for all your devices, and they do check on for malware (malicious content), scan every link you visit, and many other useful features. Are you looking for a strong software that gets the job done? Read our article that includes the best 5 anti-virus programs!

Keeping your data secure is your responsibility!

Because it is very valuable to you, take precautions and always keep it safe!

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